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For the tender baby skin. Soothes diaper rash, inflammation, wounds and itching. Medical cosmetics for every medicine cabinet!

100 ml SPRAY

Price: 39.00лв.
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GinGira Abla Bebe 100
SPRAY 100 ml
For the tender baby skin. Soothes diaper rash, inflammations, irritations, infections,itching and damaged skin.
What is GinGira Alba Bebe?
GinGira Alba Bebe is a new product of the medical cosmetics line GinGira. It contains zinc oxide in a unique form – a special dermatological milk in a spray form. In 2009 in Holland, GinGira Alba Bebe was recognized as an innovative baby product.
GinGira Alba Bebe has an anti-inflammatory, soothing, anti-itching and anti-seborrheic effect. Its active substance makes a protective film preventing the skin from infections, inflammation and UV rays. The moisturizer and emolient serve as anatural water-lipid barrier, which soothes, moisturizes, softens and improves skin elasticity.
GinGira Alba Bebe helps sooth skin irritations and inflammations related to:
• diaper rash
• sunburn
• minor surface wounds, scratches and burns
• – skin allergies
• insects bites
• skin infections
Shake well before use. Spray evenly on the affected skin area up to 6 times daily. When needed – gently massage the cream/milk into the skin. For diaper rash - use GinGira Alba Bebe with each diaper change. May be used for a continuous period. The soothing and cooling effects are felt immediately after application.
• Unique pharmaceutical form - a special dermatological milk in a spray form
• Innovative patented technology
• Easy to use, does not stain and does notdry the skin
• Hypoallergenic, without preservatives, artificial coloring or aromatic
• Clinically proven efficacy
• Rapid action
• No adverse reactions; safe for prolonged use
• Suitable for the tender baby skin

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