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Protector of Blood Vessels

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Protector of Blood Vessels




What does Entan contain?

Entan contains 80mg of proanthocyanidin and 40mg standardizedextract of Ginko biloba in one capsule. The standardization processguarantees potency and purity of each capsule of Entan.


How does Entan work?

Entan increases blood flow to the retina, extremities, the ear and thebrain. It strengthens the collagen and elastin. Thus Entan works as aprotector of blood vessels of the body. It improves blood flow andlymphatic drainage. By increasing blood flow, it brings more oxygenand nutrient to the tissues. It possesses an anti-inflammatory effect.Entan prevents platelets from sticking together, improving rheologyand circulation and decreasing the formation of blood clots. In additionEntan is a strong free radical scavenger.


Are there any side effects?

Entan is considered safe. When combined with anticoagulants and antiaggregants,

it enhances the blood thinning effect of these drugs.


How is Entan used?

One capsule 1-2 times daily after meal.

by В. Каменов, 06 Apr 2012

Без Ентан не мога

by Светослав Писаров, 05 Apr 2012

С Ентан се чувстве„увам добре